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The history of True Digital Surgery™ (TDS) began in 2003, evolving four years later into TrueVision® Systems with a mission to develop a new paradigm for visualization through Digital Microscopy. Its products eliminated the need for surgeons to look down into a traditional ocular microscope for hours at a time, and provided a “heads up” high definition view into the human anatomy and vascular systems as never before. The advancements made by the company’s image capture, processing and display capabilities, as well as robotics, generated partnerships with some of the most respected organizations in Life Sciences.

True Digital Surgery (TDS) has a two-decade legacy of developing whole product solutions (software and hardware) for robotically controlled 3D digital visualization and navigation systems, which are designed to improve decision quality and patient outcomes in microsurgery through the use of data-based real-time augmented reality fusions and artificial intelligence. The company designs, customizes and develops image processing software in the field of image guided microsurgery and both designs and develops medical device hardware.

A History of Innovation

True Digital Surgery has a proven track record of shaping the future of surgery, creating a platform encompassing new technologies that advance surgery into the digital age. We are continuing to pioneer 3D digital visualization with image guidance software applications for microscopy that allows the surgeon to better see and perform surgery.

Our digital surgical microscope combines enhanced visualization, robotics precision, and technology integration. The company is focused on developing a single solution with software applications that improves accuracy and efficiency. Today, our technology is utilized in multiple surgical disciplines by leading medical device partners under a variety of brands and private labels.

Executive Team

ISO Certification

TDS has implemented an ISO13485:2016 certified Quality Management System and has
successfully met all its requirements.

This certification confirms that the company’s Quality Management System is appropriate
and effective, while emphasizing the safety and efficacy of its medical devices.

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