Traditional surgical microscopes
require the use of an ocular eyepiece, limiting your control and comfort

Traditional microscopes
are large and cumbersome
to set up

Most are not truly digital – they
require use of an optical eyepiece

Viewing through eyepiece
can dictate and limit
microscope position

The large ocular microscope
head can obstruct your sight line to
the surgical monitor

Leaning over an ocular
microscope puts unnecessary
stress on your neck and back

Ocular observation is limited
to two people

Ocular eyepiece creates small, round field of view, limiting
your visibility of the surrounding area


  • Small footprint – easy to maneuver, set up and drape
  • Not tethered to ocular eyepiece – position to get the best view
  • Lock on Target technology
  • Waypoint position memory technology – save, move, recall
  • Autofocus after movement
  • 6-axis robotic arm


  • 10:1 optical zoom – achieve full resolution at any zoom level
  • Visualization capabilities on HD and 4K 3D monitors
  • Wide field of view and excellent depth of field1
  • Up to 145x magnification1 when looking at our 4K 3D 55’’ screen
  • Multi-screen capabilities for team’s surgical observation
  • DIR 800: 3D ICG Fluorescence


  • Fully heads-up design – you control the ergonomics to meet your body’s needs
  • No leaning over eyepiece – less strain on back and neck

1. Data on file


1. 3D surgical display

  • 26”x 55” 3D monitors
  • Full HD and 4K UHD models*
  • Passive 3D technology

*not all models integratable in base

2. camera

  • 10 x optical zoom
  • Working distance 200-450 mm
  • HDR imaging
  • Coaxial direct LED illumination
  • 3D backlight illuminated fluorescence (optional)

3. robotic arm

  • 6-axis robotics arm
  • Manual positioning
  • Automatic / Robotic-assisted positioning
  • Lock on Target technology
  • Waypoints

4. control display

  • 15.6” touchscreen monitor

5. base

  • Integrated 3D Surgical Screen
  • 3D recording
  • Video output: HDMI
  • HDMI & 6G-SDI to integrate additional digital imaging sources,
    such as endoscopic cameras
  • Interfaces for: USB, Gigabit-LAN
  • DICOM (optional)

6. footswitch

  • Wireless / Cabled
  • Programmable buttons
  • Joystick

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