The Aesculap Aeos® System

Shaping the Future of Surgery

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True Digital Surgery is continuing the legacy of building a digital surgery platform with integrated applications to enhance the surgical experience and advancing patient results.

The TDS Innovation and Engineering team is leading the effort of reimagining and building the future of surgery, and the Aesculap Aeos® platform is the embodiment of that expertise. With our strategic partner AESCULAP®, we are actively collaborating with surgeons around the world to create, test, and develop new technologies to enhance the professional medical experience in the operating room.

Medical professionals make a purchase decision on this kind of capital equipment about once a decade. With digital the pre-eminent imaging platform, why consider an analog (optical) alternative dependent on technology from a bygone era? We believe firmly that Digital Microscopy will do for surgery what digital cameras did for photography…and that, in the same way, the Aesculap Aeos® Digital Surgical Microscope provides a scalable, upgradable investment in your future.

Superior 3D Images

TDS pioneered digital imagery technologies that improve images as seen by the unaided eye or through the lenses of an ordinary optical style microscope.

We are working daily to improve upon a user-friendly, real-time 3D visual platform that augments the experience of the clinician, which no ordinary 2D optical-style microscope offers. The 3D images we have developed are unsurpassed by any existing 3D imagery system on the market.

Our software teams have developed state-of-the-art algorithms that enable the surgeon to customize the image to his or her liking, thus matching the image they are used to visualizing with an ordinary optical microscope, though without the potentially career shortening posture positions required for viewing through the ordinary optical microscope.

Technological Advantages vs. the Optical Microscope:

  • Ergonomic friendly Heads-Up Display
  • Real-time High Dynamic Range Image Changes
  • 1:10x Zoom Ratio
  • Working Distance from 20 – 45cm
  • Unmatched stable platform
  • Reliable Lock-On-Target features
  • Surgeon programmable memory provides the ability to recall previous areas of interest
  • Smooth / fluid gross movements for quicker set up
  • Robotically assisted motion provides exceptional stability for hand-guided micro movements


TDS is the engine that drives the technological advancements to see beyond what traditional ocular microscopes can provide. These advancements include built-in 3D near-ultraviolet illumination and visualization with augmented reality overlays. The TDS AR overlays include 3D near-infrared illumination for enhanced background visualization, enabling the surgeon to see more than the infrared emission’s source. Additionally, TDS has developed an adjustable speed playback feature that may be an important addition to the surgeon’s armamentarium.

*DIR fluorescence technology is currently available through AESCULAP® in European Markets ONLY. DIR fluorescence imaging technology is not available for sale in the U.S.

Unsurpassed Precision

Our software and hardware teams have worked with market leading suppliers and manufacturers to deliver a precision robotic arm that allows for multiple axis of movements that meet the needs of the modern O.R.

Our software teams have developed state-of-the-art algorithms for these robotic arms that make their precise movements a reality. These precision movements are important in today’s complex and demanding Digital Microscopy procedures.

Ease of Use & Compatibility with other Medical Equipment / Systems

The Aesculap Aeos® Digital Microscope system may be expanded with additional or larger size viewing screens when a greater number of participants need to view the clinical procedure. The system utilizes Operating Room-compatible wireless technologies that allow for remote (outside the sterile field) control of the camera features via a wireless foot switch.

Image and personalized control settings, once derived, may be saved with a push of a button, allowing faster workflow set-ups the next time the digital surgical microscope is needed for the same or similar clinical procedure.

Additionally, the Aesculap Aeos® platform may allow for qualified surgical tools, such as endoscopes*, to be integrated to the system when such augmentation of the normal viewing capability of the endoscope is deemed necessary.

As an additional option, Aesculap Aeos® platform may include the importing of images generated by CT or MRI scanners in the standard DICOM format, so that these images may be displayed when required by the clinician. These images appear real-time in a “Picture in Picture” or “side by side” format that allows the surgeon to reference these images without any interruption.

Talk to your AESCULAP® local sales representative about these qualified third-party surgical instruments and tools before trying to integrate onto the Aesculap Aeos® Digital Surgical Microscope System.

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ISO Certification

TDS has implemented an ISO13485:2016 certified Quality Management System and has successfully met all its requirements.

This certification confirms that the company’s Quality Management System is appropriate and effective, while emphasizing the safety and efficacy of its medical devices.

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