designed to provide
greater control
over camera positioning

Occipta’s ocular-free design allows you flexibility and range of movement with camera positioning, for a better, more personalized view.



Occipta’s Lock on Target technology allows you to
select an area or object within your surgical field
and pivot around to see all aspects of a
fixed focal point.

Waypoint, Occipta’s novel position memory technology, allows you to save multiple positions and
move automatically between the saved Waypoints with ease. Return to exact position, zoom and
depth of each saved Waypoint.








see more
than ever before

Occipta improves visualization with a large field of view and crystal clear zoom. Visualization on fully immersive 4K 3D monitors widens your field of view, thus reducing the need to reposition the microscope during surgery. And, an unparalleled 10:1 optical zoom delivers nearly twice as much zoom as the leading surgical microscope.

The large field of view is designed to give you improved visibility of the anastomosis and surrounding tissue.

Traditional Ocular Microscope


Best-in-class optical zoom provides greater magnification levels
designed to provide unrivaled image crispness and clarity.


Affirm 800 3d ICG

Provides backlight illumination to visualize surrounding
structures with the option to playback in slow-motion


designed with
your comfort
in mind

With Occipta’s exclusive heads-up, ocular-free digital design, all visualization is done on 4K 3D monitors, allowing you to keep your back straight and head high for the duration of each procedure. Focus on the task at hand, not on your pain and discomfort.

Many reconstructive surgeons suffer from neck
and back pain due to time spent leaning over an
ocular microscope.1

In a survey of reconstructive plastic surgeons (N=77),
83% cited ergonomics as a primary concern with
their existing surgical microscope.2

with your surgical team

Unlike ocular based microscopes, your extended surgical team shares the same high-quality 3D view, in real time. This is designed to improve work-flow efficiency and optimize training opportunities.

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