Director, Advanced Development

A proven engineer who can create new technology, Polchin “likes to get my hands dirty,” and has worked at startups for 12 years after a long career in Fortune 500 companies including Walt Disney Feature Animation, a company later bought by Autodesk, and Raytheon, among others.

With a background in electrical engineering, Polchin is experienced in C++ software development, digital visualization, graphics and color.

His name is on a NASA Mars satellite (“george polchin themis mars odyssey”), three major Hollywood animated films (“george polchin imdb”) and several US patents (“10,299,880”, “9,552,660”, “8,257,157”, “5  ,726,450” )

At TDS predecessor company TrueVision Systems, Polchin introduced high dynamic range imaging (HDR) to surgical microscopy in a stereoscopic 3D HDR camera which is now in over 1200 clinics and hospitals.  This add-on surgical camera drove the market toward digitizing the surgical microscope and transforming the operating room to “heads-up” surgery, enabling integrated surgical teams and better patient outcomes.

The team developed this camera into an entire digital surgical microscope mounted on a robotic arm which combines exquisite visualization and control, advanced illumination for hyperspectral applications, and the framework for numerous surgery-assistance apps in development.

Working under a brilliant visionary, he also led the development of augmented reality for brain and spine surgery in which the patient’s preoperative 3D scans such as CT and MRI are overlaid onto the live view of the patient, enabling “X-ray”-type vision real-time during surgery.

As a key member of the IP team, he wrote the patents for the digital surgical microscope and for an integrated optical coherence tomography (OCT) data fusion offering.

Polchin holds a BSEE from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MSEE from the University of California, Santa Barbara.