break free from the limitations of ocular microscopes

Introducing ocular-free 3D digital microscopy
for reconstructive surgery

Work more comfortably and see more clearly. Occipta’s exclusive ocular-free design
removes many of the limitations associated with traditional surgical microscopes.
Fully heads-up digital design allows you flexibility and better control over ergonomics.
And, the 10x optical zoom provides unparalleled clarity and image quality.

1. 3D surgical display

  • 26”x 55” 3D monitors
  • Full HD and 4K UHD models*
  • Passive 3D technology

*not all models integratable in base

2. robotic arm

  • 6-axis robotics arm
  • Manual positioning
  • Automatic / Robotic-assisted positioning
  • Lock-on-target
  • Waypoints

3. camera

  • 10 x optical zoom
  • Working distance 200-450 mm
  • HDR imaging
  • Coaxial direct LED illumination
  • 3D backlight illuminated fluorescence (optional)

4. control display

  • 15.6” touchscreen monitor

5. base

  • 3D surgical screen integratable (optional)
  • 3D recording
  • Video outputs: HDMI, DP
  • HDMI & 6G-SDI to integrate additional digital imaging sources,
    such as endoscopic cameras
  • Interfaces for: USB, Gigabit-LAN
  • DICOM (optional)

6. footswitch

  • Wireless / Cabled
  • Programmable buttons
  • Joystick